Randolph Telecom - Expert Consulting for Analog Voice and Data Circuit Design.

Randolph Telecom provides engineering consulting services for the design of telecommunications products:

Circuit Design and Prototyping of Telecom Products

Circuit board - Design and Prototyping of Telecom Products.
  • POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service)
  • VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol)
  • CTI (Computer Telephony Integration)
  • Data and Fax modems
  • T1, E1, ISDN, DSL

International Regulatory Compliance for Homologation

International Flags - International regulatory standards and compliance.
  • Safety standards UL 60950, IEC 60950, EN 60950, EN 41003
  • EMC standards FCC Part 15, EN 55022, and EN 55024
  • Analog PSTN interfaces, including FCC Part 68, ETSI TBR 21
  • Resistibility standards ITU K.21 and K.22
  • Industry standards TIA-464, TIA-470, TIA-968 and TIA-810-B

Telcordia NEBS GR-1089-CORE (USA) and EN 300 386 (EUROPE)

Lightning immunity and cross power protection
  • Lightning immunity
  • Power cross and AC power fault
  • Conducted RF immunity
  • ESD immunity

Lightning Protection

Lightning strike and power surge protection
  • Compliance with regulatory standards for lightning immunity
  • Coordination of primary and secondary lightning protection
  • Troubleshooting field failures
  • Optimizing the cost of protection circuitry

Handset Telephony

Telephone handset - loudness, sidetone, noise, hum and echo
  • Telephone speech transmission per TIA 470, ETSI TBR 38
  • Loudness ratings (TOLR, SLR, etc.)
  • Sidetone
  • Noise and hum
  • Echo

Engineering Design Reviews and Troubleshooting

Equipment for pre-testing, review, troubleshooting and regulator y compliance
  • Reviews for compliance with design goals
  • Pre-testing for regulatory compliance
  • Troubleshooting specific problems
  • Cost reduction

Expert Witness and Patent Assistance

Court entrance - expert witness, patent claims and applications
  • Analyze patent claims for infringement or non-infringement
  • Research prior art
  • Product testing
  • Explain complex technology in non-technical terms
  • Assist with drafting patent applications


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